What we believe:

Llanddwyn Isle Cross
  • That there is one God who has from nothing created everything
  • That this one God has made himself known to us through his creation, in his word in Scripture, and supremely in his Son Jesus
  • That in his life, death, resurrection and ascension the Lord Jesus has achieved our salvation
  • That through the work of the Holy Spirit we can be united to the Lord Jesus: receiving the forgiveness of our sins, being reconciled to God our Father and being strengthened to live a new life in him
  • That in our discipleship of the Lord Jesus we are to display God’s love for all people in our love and care for all.

Our Mission:

” To be a caring Church, growing in Christ and transforming the community”


To continue to grow in Christ we are each committed to increasing our personal commitment to Him and to each other through fulfilling worship, greater involvement in prayer and Bible study, providing and promoting a comprehensive framework for Christian learning.
We are striving to become a more caring church by establishing a wider, warmer and more welcoming fellowship for all ages, by sharing responsibility for pastoral care and by increasing our support for missionary work.
We seek to heighten our influence in the local community by an ongoing, varied programme of outreach, by an effective youth programme and by serving our community needs more effectively.

In all our efforts we endeavour to promote ‘every member’ ministry, to communicate effectively internally and externally, to work in partnership where appropriate and to maintain and develop contact with other churches.


What we do:

  • We meet together to worship our one God, Father, Son and Holy Spiritaboutus2
  • We encourage one another in prayer and bible reading
  • We seek to live in fellowship with all who are disciples of the Lord Jesus
  • We offer ourselves in service of our community in Jesus name
  • We offer a warm welcome to all to join us in our journey of faith and discipleship