Evening Service Sunday 16th November 2014 – Kenneth Gray. King David wrote these glorious words which praise the Lord in a clear, straightforward way.  Yet this same David was a man prey to the lust for woman after woman to such a degree that he evread more

Evening service Sunday 2nd November 2014, Kenneth Gray. The Philistines were prepared to stand for so much but no more from Samson.   Samson’s actions and attitudes are key in this passage. He is angry, brave and confident in the self-righteousness ofread more

Evening Service 26th October 2014, Kenneth Gray.   Samson was raised in a God-fearing home  and his parents provided an environment  of godliness.  This should have moulded his character but he grew up very self-centred.  In this chapter we see that read more

Evening Service Sunday 9th November 2014  Kenneth Gray. Samson, like the rest of us, continues to display so many different characteristics – bad and good.  One minute he is godly  and faithful; the next he is full of lust and neglectful of his calliread more